Data Literacy 01 FAQs


How much time will it take?

Data Literacy 01 lasts 15 weeks.  You should allow yourself approximately one hour to listen to each lesson screencast. Activities range in the amount of time needed for completion, from two hours up to five hours, depending on the requirements.  Estimated specific time requirements for each activity are listed on the course syllabus under "Outcomes and Assessments." At minimum, plan to spend three or more hours per week listening, participating, and completing the course activities.  Your facilitator understands the busy lives of adult learners and will do everything possible to accommodate your needs within course parameters.

 Who is this course designed for?  

Data Literacy 01 is designed for practicing school administrators and teachers from kindergarten to high school in any subject area.  Instructional leadership centers on the classroom and is vital to successful school reform and data use at every level; thus administrators are encouraged to join teachers in this course.  All perspectives will be valued.  Some lesson activities require participants to create assessments or other classroom products.  If you are not a practicing teacher during the course, please pair up with a practicing colleague or team in your context in order to generate the needed products and participate in every activity.  Participants are, in fact, encouraged to register for the course in teams.  Assessment and data examples will be shared from every level, kindergarten through secondary school, and even college.  In addition, while the author is a teacher from the United States, the course is designed to engage educators from all over the world.  Diversity of experience and context is also valued.     

How is the course structured?

There is no textbook needed.  Once registered you will be given access to the online learning management system (LMS) you will use throughout the course.  Basic navigation of the LMS will be covered in the first week’s welcome activities, and your facilitator will be available to help at any point during the course if you need assistance.  Content will be shared through online screencasts.  At the end of each lesson you will be asked to complete an activity and share it with other members of your class through lesson-specific discussion forums.  You must complete all activities with a satisfactory “pass” on the course Activity Participation Checklist by the final day of the course in order to receive your certificate of completion at the end of the course.  It is imperative that you keep up with the course deadlines, for your own learning but also for the good of the class.  Interactivity depends on everyone’s participation.             

There are three main units in the course, each comprised of three lessons, therefore you will be completing approximately three activities during each unit.  During the last week of each unit, you are encouraged to attend a one- to two-hour online literacy development meeting where you will be able to interact with classmates in real time and reflect on your learning during the unit.   

What technology do I need to participate?

This is an online course.  Technology will play an important role in accessing course content and interacting with the instructor and your classmates.  Do not worry!  You will have plenty of help along the way; just realize that there will be a learning curve involved.  You will need to give yourself time to learn and adapt. 

During this course, it is important you have access to a computer with 1) speakers, 2) a microphone, and 3) and a strong internet connection for uploading and downloading course content.  Course handouts will be in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats; you need to make certain your computer is able to open them.  When dealing with technology, it is always important to have a back-up plan and sometimes a back-up computer.  During your initial activities, be sure to identify an alternate connection where you can download course screencasts and send emails to your instructor in the event that your primary connection isn’t available or doesn’t work.  If you believe there is a problem with the course LMS and/or content, please contact your instructor via phone or text immediately.

What is the course schedule?

The course timeline by week is given in the course syllabus.  Your facilitator will provide exact due dates during the first week’s welcome activities.  Overall however, please expect deadlines and meetings to be held at consistent times.  In most weeks, you will have four days to listen to the screencast and post your lesson activity, then the three days the rest of that week to respond to your colleagues’ postings and dialogue with the class.

What are Art of Educating's terms of service?

You may cancel your enrollment up to the start date of the course for a full refund.  However, once the course begins, Art of Educating cannot refund any part of your registration fee, even if you are forced to withdraw from the course due to forces outside your control.  In addition, Art of Educating and/or your facilitator reserve the right to terminate your participation without refund if concerns arise regarding violation of course policies stated in the updated syllabus.     

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For detailed information on course content and structure, please see the Course Syllabus.

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