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ASCD Annual Conference

Chicago IL, March 2013


Data Literacy: A Roadmap for Teacher Learning

At your school and in your district, do teachers use data or do data use them? If teachers understand data well, then today’s emphasis on it can make teachers the masters of their own classrooms and creators of significant, student-centered learning. Data and assessment literacy gives teachers a daily, classroom-based lens through which to view data, ask questions of it, design assessments, and improve their practice. Improving data and assessment literacy across a school can become the agent of deep, sustained change and educational improvement.

Participants will consider and reflect on current school and classroom data use, understand the principles of data and assessment literacy and apply those principles to their own goals and needs, and build on current data and assessment practices to improve data literacy in individual classrooms and across schools. 

Presentation Slides
Part 1: 01 Data Literacy - Orientation.pdf
     Part 2: 02 Data Literacy - Principles.pdf
     Part 3 (Revised 3/15): 03 Data Literacy - Journey 2.pdf  

Data Collection Samples
2005-06 Sample Data Notebook.pdf  Student Intervention Action Sheet.pdf
     2007-08 Morrison Data Collection.pdf
     2008-09 Morrison Data Collection.pdf
     Analysis - Semester 1 Grades.pdf
     Analysis - Independent Reading.pdf
     Analysis - Student Writing.pdf
     Analysis - MAP Spring 2009.pdf