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Southern Union Fall Education Advisory

Sevierville TN, September 2013


Day One 

Data Literacy Orientation:  Slides (pdf)   
Eight Principles of Data Literacy:  Slides (pdf)    
EDU 300 Screencast: Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness (video)  

Day Two

Which Data? When?:  Slides (pdf)
Question Brainstorm (pdf)
Sample Analysis: Morrison - Independent Reading (pdf)
Data Mapping Worksheet (doc)
Student Intervention Action Sheet (doc) 

Day Three 

Moving Forward with the Assessment Cycle: Slides (pdf)
Morrison - Sample Data Notebook 2005-06 (pdf)
Morrison Data Collection 2007-08 (doc)
Morrison Data Collection 2008-09 (doc)
Morrison - Analysis of Writing (pdf) 
Data Teams:  Slides (pdf)